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Best of Midi siden!

Welcome to my best of midi page!

On this page you'll find the best files of my entire collection of midi files!
These files are the best ones of my sorted collection.
I've choosen these files amongst 2000-3550 files, so it should be some of the best Midi's available!!!
PS: Please do yourself a favour and don't download the file, if you don't have a GM or GS compatible soundcard! ;)


Macarena, from Los Del Rio (Playing right now!)
If you had my love, from Jennifer Lopez , NEW!
Boom boom boom boom, from Vengaboys , NEW!                             See  the text to Vengaboys "Kiss"
We like to party, from Vengaboys , NEW!
Dancing With Myself, from Billy Idol , NEW!
Dancing Queen, from ABBA , NEW!
9pm. Till I Come, from ATB , NEW!
Coco jambo, from Mr. President , NEW!
I Give You My Heart, from Mr. President , NEW!
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, from N -Trance / Rod Stewart , NEW!
Are you that somebody, from Dru Hill , NEW!
Nada personal, from Soda stereo , Thx 2 Armando 4 Info
Is This Love, from Bob Marley
No Woman No Cry, from Bob Marley
Milhoras, from ?
Movethis, from ?
As long as you love me, from Backstreet Boys
Everybody, from Backstreet Boys
Rapture, from Blondie
Alive and Kicking, from Simple Minds
When i come Around, from Greenday
Right now, from Van Halen
Jump, from Van Halen
Tears in heaven, from Eric Clapton
White Room, from Eric Clapton
Wonderful, from Eric Clapton
Wonder Wall, from Oasis
Stairway to heaven, from Led Zeppelin
Zombie, from The Cranberries
The final countdown, from Europe
Brothers in arms, from dIRE sTRAITS
Sultans of swing, from dIRE sTRAITS
Walk of life, from dIRE sTRAITS
8 Bowie midi songs, Requested, Here they are Enjoy!
Ashes to ashes, ,from David Bowie
Here I go again (on my own), from Whitesnake
Hotel California, from The Eagles
Mysterious times, from Sash feat. Tina Cousins , NEW!
Encore une fois, from Sash feat. ? , NEW!
Ecuador, from Sash feat. ? , NEW!
stay, from Sash feat. ? , NEW!
La Primavera, from Sash feat. Italian girl :-) , NEW!
Move-mania, from Sash feat. Shannon , NEW!
Sweet Child O' mine, from Guns N' Roses
Kayleigh, from Marillion
Always on my mind, from Willie Nelson

ca : 33 Midis ----surprise----1.
ca : 23 Midis ----surprise----2.

X-Mas Song

silent night, from ? , NEW!

Danish Songs

Kald det Kærlighed, from Lars Lilholt - (Danish) , NEW!
Dagen før, from Kim Larsen (DANISH) Great Song

TV & Movie Themes

ALF, from the TV-series
Das Boot, from the TV-series
Entertainer, oldie but goodie
H20-Mark, I think it's some kind of film-theme
Jaws, from the movie
M.A.S.H., from the TV-series
Muppets, from the TV-series
Mission Impossible, from the TV-series/movie
Neverending story, from the movie , NEW!
Striving, a great midi
The good, the bad & the ugly, from the movie
Undersea, from the TV-series "Ariel, the little mermaid"
Vaudevil, from some cartoon?
X-Files, from the TV-series
Rocky (Gonna Fly), from the movie
Bette Davids Eyes, from Bonnie Tyler
Lady In Red, from Chris De Burg


Furelise, You got to know this one!
Tocatta, "The death song"


DiGood00, Western type of song (Funny)!
Guitarou, Great guitar-midi
Dr_Doom, a Doom-like song
Great Song

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